Two new Missed Connections stories that will be developed into animations next

Black text indicates the script.
Red text indicates my storyboard

1. Title: 34th Floor

“You work on the 34th floor”
-Overhead view of office setting (room is in a large skyscraper with a lot of windows and other similar builidngs viewable in the distance), lots of characters at their desks, some in a meeting in another room. the title appears either in the center of the room, or perhaps outside of the windows of the builiding. strange boss character viewable in the background peering thorugh the blinds at the other strange employee characters.    

“I often see you by the snack counter” 
-View of 3 characters by the snack area - one is positioned leaning on the waterfountain, drinking endless water and talking to anyone who passes the set.

“You have long curley dark hair”
-Close up on the main character who is a little timid looking, eating silently in the corner- the water fountain character is still in view in the foreground, now with accumulated crumpled fountain cups as trash scattered around them.

“I am the short man in my mid-thirties who washes the windows outside your floor once a month” 
-Pan to the narrator with his head pressed against the glass of the building outside while he awkwardly washes the window next to his head 

“I’ve noticed you watching me work, occasionally peering up while you eat your carrot snacks.” 
-Shot of the character nibbling on endless carrots while periodically peering up quickly.

“If you are reading this, give me a sign the next time we see each other so i know you feel the same way about me.”
-Shot of character walking to window and showing their sign- (sign needs to be figured out.)

2. Title: B Train

-Shot of the title sequence at a train station gate, as a train appears the title letters are pushed off the scene.

 “I saw you on the B train last night heading west.” 
-Pan shot of the inside of the train- many characters sitting in different places, (possible characters: someone busking, person with dog on lap, person with child running around)

“You were the tall woman who was sitting alone in the corner.”
-Closer up shot of the tall woman character- character has long neck and short hair that seems to move in an organic way compared to the rest of her body.

“I was the short muscular woman sitting across from you.”
-Another close up of the other character who is short and stocky, with someone falling alseep on her shoulder.

“We had an instant connection and held eye contact until you got off at your stop.”
-Shot that shows both of the characters staring at eachother.  as the tall woman gets up to leave, her neck is twisted around 180 degrees maintaining the eye contact.  As her body continues to walk away, her head remains in the train and snaps back to her body right before the door closes on it.

“You accidentally left your grocery list on your seat.” 
-Shot of the stocky character shufffling over to the grocery list and picking it up, holding it close.  followed by a close up of the grocery list as she tocuhes it intimatly. 

  “I'll hold onto it for you until we meet next.” ”Can’t wait to connect soon.”
-possible ending shot of the grocery list frames on a wall with a slow pan out to reveal the stocky character in the room.

Jack Gray
Philadelphia, PA